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functional fat loss
Advanced metabolic analysis
The New Fool-Proof Way to Finally Lose Stubborn Fat
Help Auto-Immune Conditions & Heal Your Gut 
Even if you Think you’ve Tried Everything
What if that Banana You Had for Breakfast or
 that Avocado You Had for Lunch was Actually Sabotaging Your Health Efforts? 
     Health, metabolism, and weight are controlled by both our genetics and our lifestyle, in essence a balance between
 nature and nurture. By identifying our strengths and our weaknesses genetically as well as our body chemistry
through advanced targeted testing, we now have for the first time the ability to influence our health like never before. 

     The Functional Fat Loss Program allows you unprecedented insight into your unique inner workings with a
highly safe and effective program specific to you and only you. Essentially, it is the epitome of personal health.
 Whether your goal is to lose fat, reduce the risk of metabolic disease, or to optimize your health by eating
 according to your body chemistry and genetics, the Functional Fat Loss Program is for you.

We don't guess - we test

Nutrient Sensitivity Testing 

Are the foods that you’re eating making you sick?
     This is of key importance to both health and fat loss. Introducing anything into your body that the body doesn’t like will result in an immune response. Essentially your body sees these foods as foreign invaders. Do this often enough, after all many people eat the same foods over and over again, and you will eventually create an autoimmune problem. Essentially you are traumatizing your immune system with repeated spikes to certain foods.  

Nutrient Deficiency Testing 

     For a body to be healthy, it requires very specific nutrients. This drives essential chemical reactions and physiological responses in the body that are essential for health and in fact life. For a body to lose fat, it also requires very specific nutrients. Nutrients that aid in metabolism are required for digestion, produce energy, “burn” fat, build muscle, remove toxins, and more.
     Given this, why do most diet programs instruct
you to put less nutrients into your body?
And then we wonder why they fail.

Toxicity Sensitivity Testing

One of the key reasons that the Functional Fat Loss Program tests for toxicities is simple. A body filled with toxins will have a very difficult time losing fat. 
Not only are toxins stored in fat, but your body actually creates fat as a buffer against these toxins.

advanced dna analysis

     Let’s be clear. You could do the Functional Fat Loss Advanced Metabolic Analysis without the DNA testing component and still see excellent, long-lasting results.  Should you wish to add our Advanced DNA Analysis, you will take it to the next level.

fat melts off your body...when you're healthy!

The Functional Fat Loss Program is the New Fool-Proof Way to 
Finally Lose Stubborn Fat Even if you Think you’ve Tried Everything

Advanced Metabolic Analysis 

Get our Advanced Nutrient Sensitivity, Nutrient Deficiency and Toxicity Sensitivity Testing as well as
Dr. Zielonka's VIP Video on How You
Can Analyze and Interpret Your Own Results. Samples are taken by you right inside your home and sent to our specialized labs for analysis. Don't fall for inferior, inaccurate testing elsewhere. 

Advanced DNA Analysis

For those who wish to Optimize and Upgrade their Testing and Analysis by adding Highly Specialized DNA Testing,
a personal one on one Health Discovery Call will be arranged directly with
Dr. Zielonka or one of his qualified experts. This is truly the epitome of Personalized Nutrition and Healthcare. 

Comprehensive Programs & Brain Detoxification Protocols 

When you're ready to make the ultimate investment in your health and finally achieve the results you desire, 
Dr. Zielonka has a number of individual programs specific to you. You will enroll in the one best suited to you on your Health Discovery Call.

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Are you ready to begin your journey to a new and healthier you? Invest in your Advanced Metabolic Analysis now and receive a free digital copy of the Amazon Bestseller Functional Fat Loss as well as exclusive access to your Health Discovery Call directly with Dr. Zielonka or one of  his certified experts. 
Your Journey to Greater Health Starts Here.  

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4. Details on how to speak directly with Dr. Zielonka will also be included for those who wish to upgrade to include our Advanced DNA Analysis Testing and/or our Comprehensive Functional Fat Loss Programs.  

It's THAT easy!

Dr. John Zielonka 

Dr. John Zielonka is one of Canada’s most trusted health and wellness experts. 

He is an orthomolecular nutritionist, holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging and is the only doctor in Ottawa with a Fellowship in Vitamin Supplementation and Anti-Aging. He is also a 15-time award winning Neuro-Functional Chiropractor and the Founder of National Health Day in Canada.

Author of 9 books including “Functional Fat Loss -The New Fool-Proof Way to Finally Lose Stubborn Fat Even if you Think you’ve Tried Everything,  he has made over 100 TV and radio appearances. 

He has dedicated his 30 year+ professional career to helping people discover what true health is all about and has helped thousands to transform their health to the level they deserve.
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  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - Combination Package of both of the above - Advanced Nutrient Sensitivity Testing, Advanced Nutrient Deficiency Testing and Toxicity Sensitivity Testing Package plus Dr. Zielonka's VIP Video on How to Analyze and Interpret Your Own Results. (Save over $100) ... $549
  • Our BRONZE PROGRAM - Includes the Combination Package above + Personalized, Professional Analysis, Review and Recommendations by Dr. Zielonka (Value $250) + Your Individually Designed Master Food List (Value $100) + Your 102-page Master Functional Fat Loss Master Guidebook (Value $200) + Your 12-week VIP Private Helpline Group (Value $500). Total Value $2,000+  Your investment ... $995
  • The above options are for those who like to work independently and does not include our Advanced DNA Analysis. Advanced Genetic Testing may be added at ...$495
  • Our GOLD PROGRAM, PLATINUM PROGRAM, HIGHLY SPECIALIZED ADVANCED DNA ANALYSIS and ADVANCED BRAIN DETOXIFICATION. Should you wish any of our top signature programs, a Health Discovery Call directly with Dr. Zielonka is required. Please "CLICK HERE" below to schedule your Health Discovery Call (15 min) directly with Dr. Zielonka to determine the best solution for you. While there is no charge for the call, a $50 deposit is required which will be credited to the program of your choice. Dr. Zielonka looks forward to helping you achieve a new level of health.
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